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Integrating Coaching Skills into Your Ministry Context

     Pastoral and Missional Leaders require new ways of communicating with those around you. Coaching skills are essential. This 3-day COACH Training is for any leader who wishes to incorporate coaching skills into their existing leadership roles. The COACH Training System will assist you in developing and expanding your coaching skills through additional TeleClasses, mentoring and hands-on coaching experience.

Who Should Attend?
Leaders who desire to empower, equip, encourage, and support others.


The Outcome
Leaders who complete this program will more effectively be able to support others to develop their potential in all areas of life and to take action to accomplish that which matters most to them.



Gain Focus

Achieve Goals Faster 

Broaden Perspectives for

      Innovative Solutions 

Move from Vision to Action

Make Better Decisions

Learn New Skills to Take the Next Step

Contextualize Ministry Efforts 


This will result in increased effectiveness, more teamwork, higher morale, longer retention of people, and greater impact.

The Approach
The focus is on integrating coaching skills with existing leadership roles. Leaders reflect on their current behavior and leadership styles and integrate coaching skills to create a unique blend for greater leadership effectiveness.

The Program
Through interaction, coaching, and lots of practice, participants learn key coaching skills, including:


Listening Actively 

Designing Actions 

The Heart of Coaching

Integrating Coaching Skills into

      Your Leadership Roles

Coaching Anywhere with Anyone

Asking Empowering Questions

The Language of Transformational Leaders

The COACH Model

How to Enabler Personal Transformation


The Program Leaders
CTS coach trainers have extensive coaching and training experience. All are professionally trained coaches and members of the International Coach Federation.


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