Focusing new churches to be about making disciples who make disciples.

A training event for planters and planting teams.     

generate... New Church Strategy Training

This strategy training is designed for church planters and planting teams to wrestle with what it means to be on mission with God, working to fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples.  Leaders will walk away with a strategy for implementing the vision God has given them for multiplying disciples and extending the church in new places.

The training is offered in two formats:  a single three-day event and a recommended two-part process of two days each.  (Generate 1 and Generate 2)

Two-Day Format

The two-day format will included 13.5 hours of training in each portion.  The first segment is focused on principles, creating a discipling culture and initiating a discipling process.  The second two-day intensive focuses on the development and implementation of a discipling engine and the practical steps for starting a new church.   This two-part format should be paired with coaching and networking that includes additional "just in time" training.

The first of the two-part segments is designed for the planter and all available team members.  The second segment is designed for the planter and a few key team members.

Three-Day Version

The thee-day version covers all the training components and is appropriate for the planter and all available team members.  This format is designed to be paired with ongoing coaching and networking.

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Sessions cover the following:

Embrace the Commission of Jesus


Change What You Care About


Identify the Discipleable


Intensify Multiplication

Unleash Communities


How are we doing? The church that is.  And how are we doing it?

Congregations have long measured success by "bodies, budget, and buildings" - a certain record of attendance, the offering plate, and square footage.  But the scorecard can't stop there.  When it does, the deeper emphasis on accountability, discipleship, and spiritual maturity is lost.  Ignoring those details, we see fewer lives transformed, Christian influence wane, and churches thin out - a situation that is all too familiar across North America today.

                                                                      -Ed Stetzer & Thom Rainer - Transformation Church


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