CMTC Sponsored Events

           Choose from the CMTC scheduled venues offered at various
                  locations in the United States.


generate - New Church Strategy Training and OnMission Training

Schedule of Training Events

CMTC Custom Designed Training  

           Denominations/Organizations contract the CMTC to bring the
                  training to them.

        CMTC provides the trainers and training materials.

       Event details are handled by the participating

When travel budgets, calendar conflicts, or geographical limitations keep you from sending your multiplying leaders to a CMTC event, contact our office and arrange for the CMTC to bring the event to


With multiplication as its driving force, the CMTC designs events for ministry professionals as well as the laity.  Whether it's an emphasis on planting new churches, revitalizing existing churches, or helping healthy churches develop a plan to reproduce, these training events will be designed to specifically address your area of emphasis.

                               Contact us today at or 260-747-1271

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