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Present - The Church Planter's Retreat      (Redes Retiro de Sembradores)


     The Church Planter's Retreat is an on-line resource designed as a three day seminar covering (almost) everything you need to know to plant a church.  Originally designed by the Church Multiplication Training Center and a coalition of top church planting experts, its purpose is to train individuals, couples and teams that have plans to plant a church or that have recently initiated a new work.  The training includes

the following.

 Teacher's Manual                      Participants' Manual

Powerpoint Presentation

      The Church Planter's Retreat encompasses the following modules.

  • The Vision for the Church Plant
  • The Importance of Prayer
  • The Core Value
  • The Mission Statement
  • The Strategic Plan
  • Ministry Development
  • Effective Evangelism
  • Working in Teams
  • Conflict Resolution
  • The Care of the Planter's Family
  • The Most Common Reasons Church Plants Fail
  • Church Planting Models

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