Denominations, Christian organizations and churches that don't learn to multiply usually spend their future dealing with division or subtraction. Everyone knows that it's critical for any group to grow, but the secret to developing a strong and sustaining ministry is multiplication. That takes a vision and a strategy.

The Church Multiplication Training Center is a proven resource used by denominations coast-to-coast to train leaders who plant churches or desire to get existing churches back "On Mission." 



                           The 7 Elements and Church Multiplication Cycle are the property of

                                             Dr. David DeVries and are used by permission.


"Jesus didn't start services, he made disciples who made disciples." -    --Dr. Dave DeVries


"Too often Christians focus rightly on the gospel message of the Cross but forget about the discipleship process Jesus revealed and modeled.  Discipleship is so much more than just sharing the news about Jesus; it is also about teaching people to obey the commands Jesus gave us.  Unfortunately, many churches have not taken this charge seriously, and they are experiencing significant problems.  This whole issue of discipleship is critical if we want to save the church from the Sunday-morning show and make it a place where real relationship and real change takes place."    
                                                                                                  Jim Putnam, Real-Life Discipleship

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